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Delivery & Returns


1. Where do you deliver to?

Anywhere in India

2. What are your delivery charges?

Our delivery charges vary as each product is different in size and weight. Delivery costs are added on the order processing page once you have added your delivery details.

3. How do I delivery to another address other than my billing address?

You can ship to another address by filling out the desired address on our website under delivery details.

4. Who can I contact for delivery?

You can email us on connect@thisandthat.eternalsoft.in or call us on  +91-9408531000 or +91-940963100

5. What happens when delivery is attempted and I’m not there?

The team at This and That will get in touch with you to schedule a suitable time for delivery. If delivery is attempted after scheduling a suitable time and no one is available to receive the delivery a penalty charge is applicable.

6. Will I receive all items in my order at the same time

We will try our best to dispatch everything in groups as and when it is ready. But, if you’d like everything together we can arrange for a consolidated delivery for you.

7. Should I be expected to pay any additional charges?

It may be that certain areas and neighbourhoods require special documentation that have has to obtained for delivery and may attract nominal charges.

8. Why is the delivery charge for multiple cushions so high?

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, our website does not yet have a discount system for multiple cushion deliveries at the moment. While we’re working on them, please call us to get the right quote for delivery charges on cushions.

Anywhere in India


1. Can I return furniture and other large items at your store?

Most of our items are custom made to order. We do not accept any returns and all items are final sale. Come visit our studio in ahmedabad to be assured of our great quality furniture before you shop with us online. You can also pre-order fabric samples online to select your upholstery fabrics.

2. My order arrived damaged/defective, I want to have it repaired, what is the process

We are really sorry if your product arrived damaged. We do use robust packaging but sometimes damage can occur in transit. If the product was damaged during transport, we will take it upon ourselves and have it replaced or repaired. Please make sure you make us aware of the damage at the time of delivery. Once you have signed for an item on delivery it cannot be replaced.


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